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SHARAD RITUCHARYA - Life style, Diet Regimen for Autumn Season

                      Sharad Ritu –  (Mid september – Mid November) Ashvin and Kartika as per marathi month.                      Season means Ritu in ayurveda. Ayurveda believes that body is in tune with nature and changes in season leads to imp act on body. Due to same reason emphasis is given on following ritucharya for prevention of diseases. Ritucharya can be best described as a set of regimens to be practiced by us to cope uo with varying effect of the changing seasons on the human body.                   In sharad ritu nature is with lush green all around, decorated with colorful flowers and fruit trees with chirping birds. The skies are clear blue with white clouds floating lazily. Th e days are sunny, yet pleasantly cool and comfortable and nights are slightly chill, clear and cloudless. The weather is mild, pleasant and refreshing.                    Sharad Ritu is a season where Pitta dosha gets aggravated. Sudden exposure to sun light after rainy season aggravates Pitta
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वासंतिक वमन

वसंत ऋतूमध्ये केले जाणारे वमन म्हणजेच वासंतिक वमन होय . हेमंत व शिशिर ऋतूमध्ये वातावरणातील गारव्यामुळे शरीरात जमा झालेला कफ वसंताच्या सूर्याच्या किरणांनी निसर्गतः वितळतो व रुग्णाला कफाचे आजार सर्दी , खोकला , दमा , त्वचा विकार , सांधेदुखी इत्यादी आजार होताना दिसतात तेव्हा वसंतात पंचकर्मातील वमन हे कर्म करावे वमन म्हणजे काय ? वमन हा एक पंचकर्मातील उपक्रम आहे . ज्यामध्ये आपण वर्षभर शरीरामध्ये साठणाऱ्या कफ , पित्त तसेच आधुनिक गोळ्या , औषधे यांच्या सततच्या वापरामुळे शरीरात साठणाऱ्या विषारी द्रव्यांना शरीराबाहेर काढण्याच काम करतो . थोडक्यात शरीराचं सर्व्हिसिंग म्हणा . वमन हे शरीरातील वाढलेल्या मुख्यतः कफ दोषाला बाहेर काढण्याची आयुर्वेदोक्त   शास्त्रीय पध्दत आहे . ज्यात शरीरात वाढलेल्या आमाचे प्रथमतः   औषधांद्वारे दीपन पाचन   म्हणजे स्वस्थानातून वाढलेल्या दोषांना कमी केले जाते व त्यानंतर आयुर्वेदोक्त औषधांच्या   तूप व तेलादी प्राशनाने वाढीव दोषांना एकत्रित करून उलटीद्वारे ते


                                                                                                   This healing massage entails continuous pouring of warm medicated oil on the forehead with pendulum motion for a specific period of time. Word Shirodhara is union of two words ‘ Shir’ meaning head and ‘ Dhara’ meaning pouring in a stream. Medicated oil, milk or buttermilk may be used depending on the needs of the person. The treatment begins with a full body massage to warm up the body and head massage including pressure points according to condition of patients. Then, the dhara (pouring) begins at the forehead for 20-50 minutes ( in excessive time). According to ayurveda this leads to stimulate Adnya Chakra which controls whole nervous system. If we correlate with modern medicine, Pouring of luckwarm oils stimulates and soothes the hypothalamus thereby regulating the functions of pituitary gland inducing sleep. Usages Useful to relieve insomnia, memory loss, poo

Ayurveda for fighting obesity

                                WHERE THERE IS  A WILL............THERE IS A WAY ! Obesity is the most common health problem now a days. Reasons behind that are different for individuals. But basic root causes as well as risk factors are same. Most common cause is lack of exercise. It could be due to hectic schedule, sitting job, much use of vehicles and less walking, continuous s tress, heavy food, junk and oily food, sweet food, relaxed nature, too much sleep, hereditary, hormonal imbalance . Due to all such kind of life style, calories can’t burn which results into saturation of fat under skin and also inside the veins which is respectively called as fat and cholesterol. Primary signs are little weight gain specially fat deposition on belly, laziness, excessive sweat, breathlessness after little exertion. If anyone ignore these signs eventually goes in second stage which is actually called as Obesity. As per Charak The ancient aacharya of Ayurveda….. Where we find 8